Tandberg DPS1100 VTL

Tandberg DPS1100 VTL


Raw capacity: 3.00 TB
Usable capacity: 2.13 TB (RAID5)
Capacities scalable: Up to 48 TB
Supports: Up to 100 host connections
Dynamic Data Reduction Up to 10:1 compression

The DPS1100 VTL is a simple and cost-effective data protection tool, creating a unique and secure virtual library connection for each host system.

By using high-performance, cost-effective disk storage to emulate a traditional tape library, the DPS1100 VTL optimizes performance of data management operations, providing almost immediate access to data and dramatically reducing backup and recovery time.

The intuitive management, secure seamless integration, and scalability of the DPS1100 VTL are features not currently found in Virtual Tape Libraries and Disk-to-Disk solutions.

Sharable and Secure

The DPS1100 VTL creates a unique and secure virtual library connection for each host system including laptops, desktops, workstations, servers and virtual machines. This isolation of data helps to satisfy regulatory compliance concerning maintaining controls and storage separation of data. With management for up to 100 host systems, you are no longer limited to which systems data can be backed up or using a dedicated backup server you can quickly and cost-effectively protect all of them.


The DPS1100 VTL scales with your organisations data protection needs through the simple addition of DPS1000xpand expansion modules. These 2U add on modules can add up to 45TB of raw data in increments of 4.5TB (3.75 usable capacity).

The DPS1100 VTL also includes the ability to dynamically reduce the effective amount of storage as much as a 10:1 ratio.

Integrated Tape Support

The DPS1100 VTL integrates directly with a tape library without requiring the need for any separate agents or burden of any additional licensing costs. By utilizing built-in policy based scheduling, the DPS1100 drastically improves the efficiency of tape operations without any performance impact to the backup server. With virtual tape stacking, media costs can be reduced by consolidating the amount of cartridges used.

For optimum data protection, integrate the DPS1100 VTL with Tandberg StorageLoader into your storage infrastructure.

Ease of Management and Seamless Integration

Each host system can be configured using a wizard, and the DPS1100 VTL management features automatically discover, connect and present a virtual library and available tape media for each host system. The dynamic Web-based help system provides guidance and instructions on the specific functions and tasks being managed.

As a network appliance, the DPS1100 VTL is easy to install and configure using the existing Ethernet network, working plug-n-play with your existing backup application without disrupting any of your current backup policies and schedules.

The DPS1100 VTL is the ideal backup, recovery, and archiving solution for small to medium business environments.

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